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Blog Created: December 21, 2022


Children’s book that address health conditions, inclusion and diversity.

A series of books written by Wigan author, Alex Winstanley, to help children and families deal with some of life’s most difficult issues will be published next month and are now available to pre-order. 

There are currently five books in the series…

My Grandma Has Dementia.

My Uncle Has Depression.

My Brother Has Cancer.

My Cousin Has Tourettes.

My Child Has Cerebral Palsy.

Alex is hoping to expand the series with new books in the years to come.

Signed books are available to pre-order now, along with a free gift at: 


Society Support Networking Event…

Society Support CiC are holding networking event on Wednesday 18th January 2023 from 10am – 2pm for Third Sector Social Enterprises and Charities.

Location: Pemberton Masonic Hall, Chapel St, Wigan WN5 8JP.

A get together to see who is out there and to help each other.

Tables and Stalls are available if required.

For more information, please contact: 

Jason Moore, Managing Director, Society Support CiC 

01942 375210
07841 538 862

Please note: This is not a Proper Good networking event, which will also be taking place in January, but is certainly worth attending if you can make it.

An introduction… Say Hello to Talk First.

Hi everyone, we’re new to Proper Good and I’m pleased to have a new opportunity to get to know some new Social Enterprises in the Borough and perhaps reacquaint myself with others.

One of the things I am acutely aware of is the value of working in collaboration with other organisations, whether in formal working arrangements or via sharing of expertise or signposting.

TalkFIRST has been around for almost 10 years now.

Our work is focused on relationships, communication and conflict resolution (mainly for families).

We use a variety of ‘tools’ through our Building Better Relationships programme, such as mediation, family meetings, direct work for parents, children and young people, whether together or separately.

Our work supports families to help improve family dynamics, build confidence and gain understanding of child and adult behaviours, promote good mental health and resilience.

Take a look at our website to find out more about us and how we can support you. 


Ideas for Proper Good YEAR 2…

We are now in the planning stages for the second year of the Proper Good programme.

It has been a brilliant journey so far, and we are constantly learning about how we can best support local organisations.

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent feedback events on Social Enterprise Day. And to all those who have contributed their thoughts and ideas in many other ways.

If you have any thoughts on how you would like support in YEAR 2! Please get in touch with Alex at, so that we can continue to shape the programme around the needs of our communities. 

Recent Blog Posts:

    Social Media: 

    Are you someone or have you identified someone who might benefit from becoming involved with WLCC or any of our initiatives such as Made in Wigan?

    There are various ways that you can get in touch to take things forward.

    It may be that you want to make contact to first find out if there really is a ‘fit’.

    You may want to speak on the phone, come and visit us on behalf of someone, or maybe you’d like to bring someone along for an initial chat.

    Whichever route you prefer we can accommodate.

    First things first though, share some brief details and we’ll be back in touch!


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