Made in Wigan came about following the funding by Power to Change under the Empowering Places programme.

'Made in Wigan' is a project that aims to work with all anchor institutions and the private sector to ensure there is a ‘line of sight’ of social enterprises and community businesses in Neighbourhoods that will empower local people to:

  • Spend locally.
  • Develop their own Social Enterprise or Community Business, showcase their ‘special something’ and turning it into a service that meets the needs of the local community.
  • Educate future generations of Entrepreneurs - working with Primary and Secondary Schools to educated young people in how to identify what type of future Enterprise leader they will be within their community.

There are an ever increasing number of elements in development which you can get involved with. Learn more about them from the tiles below:



Support Your Local Businesses

In 2020, Wigan and Leigh Community Cooperative led a working group to attain the SE UK Enterprise Place kitemark for Wigan Borough. This recognises the strength of the Social Enterprise Sector in the town.

In conjunction with the Local Authority Community Wealth Building Strategy, one of the key aims is to ensure that local residents buy local. This means that goods and services that meet the needs of local people are available from local enterprises. We host a number of events each year to promote the sector to a wider public audience.



Young People & Adults

In addition to our support for new and existing community businesses, we are striving to ensure that the social enterprise economy continues to grow and develop throughout the borough. As such, we have programmes to educate all ages on what makes an enterprise social and we provide individuals and groups with an alternative to the traditional employment routes.



Support For Community Business

Under the Power to Change Empowering Places Programme. we have been working with new and existing Community Businesses to help them to develop and grow since September 2017.

A Community Business is a locally rooted organisation that generates income through trade, reinvests profits locally and delivers a broad community impact.

We have provided seed funding for 11 community businesses so far and provided a space for three of these at our Platt Bridge Hub.

Do you have a skill or talent that you think could be developed into a community business? Do you already provide support to members of your community? Get in touch for more details of the support that we offer or the current training opportunities



Putting You In The Picture

David Is Made In Wigan

Something Of Value

I'm In, Picture of Nicole

Nicole Is Made In Wigan

Nicole Robertson is a Project Coordinator for Embrace Wigan & Leigh, a charity that works with people with disabilities and people that may be socially isolated for whatever reason. Along with another colleague, Nicole is working within the 'Let's Connect' project to help people break out of their confining circumstances in order to meet new people and do new things. It's in this capacity that she referred Lesley Grimes to Made in Wigan and more specifically, the Miss Places Community Business. As a result Lesley is enjoying a new lease of life!

I'm in, picture of Johnny

Johnny Is Made In Wigan

At just twelve years old Jonathan Ashcroft suffered life changing injuries when a car struck him whilst returning home from school. Now in his mid-twenties, his road to recovery has not only been a physical test but a mental test. One which resulted in social isolation and a reluctance to entertain the possibility of exposure to any further risk no matter how small. Nevertheless Jonny tentatively met with Made in Wigan's David Baxter to discuss the creation of a Community Business dedicated to developing skills in people with an interest in wood and metal working and as a result of that initial meeting the Men's Sheds Community Business was born.

I'm in, picture of Sophie

Sophie Is Made In Wigan

Sophie Jones always had a passion for cooking and baking and, having recognised the opportunity that the Made in Wigan initiative was presenting to her, she grabbed it with both hands. The Platt Bridge Community Zone itself was the perfect place to develop a Café Community Business and so, with the help of the Made in Wigan initiative Sophie's vision is now reality. Tastebuds is not only a Community Business in it's own right serving the local community, but it's also a meeting point for anyone wanting to find out more about how the Made in Wigan initiative can help them develop their own ideas.



Our Hubs Within The Community

Wigan and Leigh Community Cooperative currently has one Community Hub based within the borough. With two more coming soon at Tudor House in Hindley and Bickershaw Village Club in Wigan.

Platt Bridge - The community centre in Platt Bridge is where it all began. The centre hosts 3 anchor tenants Embrace Wigan and Leigh, Jack in the box nursery and MissPlaces. We also host community business who have developed through the Empowering Places project: Miss Places, BVCC and Pianos, Pies and Pirouettes.

Each of our centres has rooms that are available to rent on a short and long terms basis.



Further Information

example image of shop

Within our Wigan Hub, we have a retail shop that is used to promote and sell the goods that are produced by local enterprises. Each enterprise will produce a range of goods for sale and as you browse the goods, you can also read their story and why the goods are produced and by whom. We are always looking for new producers to sell their goods - if you wish to enquire regarding terms etc. please email.

We are currently developing an online shop, if you would like to get involved please use the form at the bottom of the page. We also have an e-commerce platform that you can browse the goods of many local enterprises. These items will be posted directly to your door, however, there are options on some of these goods to click and collect in the Wigan Hub - please refer to each individual items for terms.



Room Rental Information

We have rooms at the Platt Bridge Hub and more are coming soon in other locations. These are available for both short term and long term rental with favourable terms for longer agreements.

Platt Bridge: We have a training suite that can accommodate up to 20 people which can be rented by the day, half day or we can agree hourly rates. We also have 3 smaller rooms that are suited to an office set up for between one and three people.

Are you someone or have you identified someone who might benefit from becoming involved with WLCC or any of our initiatives such as Made in Wigan?

There are various ways that you can get in touch to take things forward.

It may be that you want to make contact to first find out if there really is a ‘fit’.

You may want to speak on the phone, come and visit us on behalf of someone, or maybe you’d like to bring someone along for an initial chat.

Whichever route you prefer we can accommodate.

First things first though, share some brief details and we’ll be back in touch!


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